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Privacy Policy

If you are a proprietor of an apple tree in Oxfordshire, and we (Tiddly Pommes Ltd) have been in contact with you, we may store some information about you in our contacts spreadsheet – namely: your name, phone number, email address, address, type of tree(s) and how prolific it (they) has (have) been. We use this information to stay in touch with you about the apple season, and to inform bespoke labels for bottles.

Labels include only your first name and road or area, along with the apple variety and/or information about the tree. We do not use your data for any other purposes, and will not pass them on to any third party without your consent. We keep these data secure through password protection. We will only keep this information as long as is needed to fulfil our role in pressing fruit in Oxfordshire into delicious juice.

We believe that we have consent from tree proprietors to hold these data. If I (Rupert Griffin) cease to be a Director of Tiddly Pommes Ltd, I would pass these data on to the other directors (Hannah Fenton and Antony Melville). If Tiddly Pommes Ltd and/or its assets were passed to another company, I would re-seek your consent for this transfer. If Tiddly Pommes Ltd cease to trade without an asset transfer to another company, these data would be deleted. You have a right to request the data about you that we hold, and/or for them to be deleted: please contact us via the email address above.

This page was last modified on 4 December 2020